PFD Companion Podcast : S3E10 – Can I Use My Current Website for Podcasting? (Voicemail)

Hold on? We got voicemail?

Well, yeah — I mean when we say “Call us at 703-791-1701 and leave us voicemail…” we’re not just whistling “Dixie” for kick and chuckles. No, we have voicemail and our mystery caller from Tallahassee, Florida, asked “If I already have a website, can I use that to podcast with?” 

That’s a mighty good question, and Tee is more than ready to answer it. At a glance there are a few ways to approach it…

  • Create a podcast feed by hand.
  • Look into webhosts featuring one-click install of blog engines.
  • Implementing a turn-key solution, and having your current URL point to the podcast.

That’s the quick answer, but if you want the details, have a listen.

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PFD Companion Podcast: S3E02 – Podcasting-to-Go

Welcome to the second episode of Podcasting for Dummies: The Companion Podcast. Joined by author, podcaster, and wife Pip Ballantine, Tee hosts an episode that is part informative, part product review, part interview, and part CoupleCast. Recorded live from Ground Central Station in Manassas, Virginia, Tee and Pip talk about the challenges and perks in podcasting remotely. We also cover in this episode:

  • Working on location
  • A review of the Shure MV51
  • Anniversary shenanigans
  • Tips on handling background noise challenges
  • Advantages of podcasting on-the-go

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