PFD Companion Podcast: S4E21 – Podcasting with Passion

Tee and Chuck go into some finer points of one of our favorite topics and one we’ve touched on throughout the book and this podcast series. Identifying the passion, keeping it alive, and what to do if it should start to fade. Have a listen!

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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E20 – Podcasting For Publicity

Tee and Chuck discuss some of the aspects of creating podcast to promote or publicize your products and services in order to generate interest and drive traffic.



  • 00:00 Welcome and overview
  • 02:58 An example of where we started
  • 08:37 Another book example
  • 13:17 Outsourcing and samples
  • 20;42 Political Podcasting
  • 25:32 Takeaways
  • 29:26 Outro


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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E19 – Show Me The Money

Can you make money at podcasting? Tee and Chuck have a hard talk about monetizing your podcast, getting started on the right foot, keeping the momentum going, and how the podcast may only be a piece of the puzzle to your financial dreams.

00:00 Welcome and introduction
02:23 Honest talk about making money
09:39 Follow your passion
12:16 Where the value (and money) comes from
15:17 The Patreon option
18:07 Looking at the big shows
22:04 A podcast as a vehicle
22:53 The truth in numbers
26:21 Networks
27:19 Closing notes
30:05 Outro


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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E18 – Fishing for Listeners

So you’ve got your podcast up and running and now it’s time to spread the word. In this episode, Tee and Chuck cover several options (both free and paid), words of caution to avoid pitfalls, and a few tips from the old experts to get you going.

00:00 Welcome and introductions
02:25 First easy tip – USP
08:43 Impressions and click through rate
14:09 Free options – promos with other podcasters
16:08 The ultimate promo – word of mouth
16:51 Let’s talk promos
22:39 Giving interviews
26:23 A warning about being daring
30:54 Don’t forget the follow-up
31:30 Takeaways
32:38 Outro


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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E17 – Speaking directly to your peeps

How do you build a community and engagement with our listeners and viewers? What are some of those unspoken rules to be aware of to prevent you from getting banned? Let the duo with more than 30 years experience help you reach out to others without stepping on those landmines of the social media world.

  • 00:00 Welcome and introduction
  • 01:49 Defining the big E-word
  • 05:59 Where to get engagement
  • 9:09 Forums & etiquette
  • 15:53 You can’t be everywhere
  • 19:05 Don’t forget your blog
  • 19:35 Observe before participating
  • 25:35 Addressing negative feedback
  • 30:38 Don’t miss the gems
  • 32:11 Final comments

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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E16 – Show Notes

Tee and Chuck discuss the value of show notes, some ideas and examples of what you can put in your show notes, and yes, they have some rabbit trails and odd stories to keep it fun.

  • 00:00 Introducing show notes
  • 01:24 A couple quick examples
  • 06:32 Pingbacks
  • 07:18 Time codes
  • 10:27 Mentioning show notes
  • 14:53 What else are they?
  • 16:02 Once your done
  • 17:34 Sidebar: Our opinions of the WordPress block editor
  • 20:44 Tags and SEO
  • 27:37 Backlinks and references
  • 31:19 Scheduling vs. live
  • 35:57 Validate it!
  • 37:46 A fun story
  • 38:53 Outro


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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E15 – Move it on up (to your web server)

The dynamic duo is back to take you through the penultimate step in creating your masterpiece podcast episode and changing the world. We break down the finer points of artwork, file naming conventions best practices, and touch on how to get your files to your server.

Listening on your mobile device? Find the artwork at our site.

  • 00:00 Welcome/Introduction
  • 03:40 Review of Steam Rollers
  • 04:48 Review of Phil Rossi
  • 07:04 Review of The Innovative Mindset
  • 09:06 Review of Spycast
  • 10:42 Review of The Topic is Trek
  • 11:49 Trademarks, copyright, and fair use
  • 14:06 Review of Happy Hour from the Tour
  • 17:39 How to change your artwork
  • 21:11 Artwork formats
    • File formats: JPG or PNG
    • Color mode: RGB
    • Resolution: 72dpi
    • Size: 1400×1400 to 3000×3000 pixels
  • 22:51 File naming conventions
  • 29:30 Sending your file to your server
  • 33:28 A sneak peak on show notes
  • 35:10 Outro

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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E14 – It’s all about the deTailz

Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi talk about bit rates, sample rates, encoding, file sizes, ID3 tags, and all the file details you need to put on your podcast.

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:52 Introducing Bit rates and sample rates
  • 05:56 Compression
  • 07:56 A closer look at bit rates
  • 11:51 Methods to export and convert
  • 15:22 Lossless and lossy
  • 18:55 Quick note about MP2 files
  • 20:07 Sample rates
  • 23:29 ID3 tags
  • 30:41 Outro

PFD Companion Podcast: S4E13 – Clean Up, Podcast Aisle 8

Tee and Chuck cover some of the finer points of editing.

00:00 Introductions
02:16 The Ethics of Editing
7:30 When is it appropriate to edit
13:51 Do you review
15:33 Intros and outros and automation
17:56 The soft costs of branding
22:37 Bed music, royalty free and copyright
30:40 Practice the basics of editing
31:14 Deeper look at intros and outros
34:04 Our outro


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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E12 – So what are you waiting for? Record, Already!

You’ve read the chapters up to this point. You’re feeling prepared, but there’s still something holding you back. Tee and Chuck bring you more tips and share their experience of things you can do to build your confidence and reap the rewards of your podcast!

00:00 Introductions
03:12 Chapter Introduction
08:50 Prep & Do-overs
11:10 Retrospectives and feedback
12:25 Mannerisms & focus
15:44 You’ve done the research
18:04 Be inspired
19:20 Drop-ins
20:10 Hitting record early
23:08 Being a better presenter
23:47 Loudness
25:53 Checklists & prep time
29:14 Closing remarks
30:03 Outro

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