PFD Companion Podcast : S3E10 – Can I Use My Current Website for Podcasting? (Voicemail)

Hold on? We got voicemail?

Well, yeah — I mean when we say “Call us at 703-791-1701 and leave us voicemail…” we’re not just whistling “Dixie” for kick and chuckles. No, we have voicemail and our mystery caller from Tallahassee, Florida, asked “If I already have a website, can I use that to podcast with?” 

That’s a mighty good question, and Tee is more than ready to answer it. At a glance there are a few ways to approach it…

  • Create a podcast feed by hand.
  • Look into webhosts featuring one-click install of blog engines.
  • Implementing a turn-key solution, and having your current URL point to the podcast.

That’s the quick answer, but if you want the details, have a listen.

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