PFD Companion Podcast : S3E11 – Understanding Mannerisms, Ticks, and Stammers — When They Work and When They Don’t

Tee comes back for another round of podcasting, this time going into something near and dear to his podcasting heart: Production.

Humans are far from perfect creatures, especially when in front of a camera or on a microphone. So when it comes to trip-up’s in speech, when do you start editing and when do you let the spontaneity happen?

There are three kinds of podcasts:

  • Casual
  • Semi-Formal
  • Formal

And this is why Tee is seen here on stage. It all depends on the podcast. How heavy is your production? Do you want the tone to be conversational? Are you wanting a more polished sound to your podcast? Or is this production a formal presentation where your diction, timing, and delivery need to be completely on point?

There is a time and a place for wearing jeans, and a time and a place to break out the black tie.

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PFD Companion Podcast: S3E04 – Microphones (Review & Comparison)

Take a look at the microphone set-up here in Imagine That! Studios — there are two Heil microphones, one from MXL, and one from Shure. Aren’t all mics the same? Not quite. Each microphone has its own method to capture sound, and this episode goes into the nuances between two dynamic models: The Heil PR 781 and the Shure SM7B.

Which one do you think suits Tee best? What do you look for in a microphone? Performance? Durability? Or price? Let us know at 703-791-1701 (voicemail or WhatsApp) or at We would love to hear from you!

Topics discussed in this episode:

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