PFD Companion Podcast: S3E02 – Podcasting-to-Go

Welcome to the second episode of Podcasting for Dummies: The Companion Podcast. Joined by author, podcaster, and wife Pip Ballantine, Tee hosts an episode that is part informative, part product review, part interview, and part CoupleCast. Recorded live from Ground Central Station in Manassas, Virginia, Tee and Pip talk about the challenges and perks in podcasting remotely. We also cover in this episode:

  • Working on location
  • A review of the Shure MV51
  • Anniversary shenanigans
  • Tips on handling background noise challenges
  • Advantages of podcasting on-the-go

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PFD Companion Podcast: S3E01 – Podcasting in the Raw

Find out how easy it is to start recording. You don’t need a fancy studio with hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to get your message out. You likely already have what you need. Give a listen as Chuck does a “MacGyver” podcast using whatever he has laying around and no editing.

PFD Companion Podcast: S3E00 – Happy International Podcast Day! Have a Podcast!

Happy International Podcast Day everyone! What a better way to celebrate than to bring you a fresh new show to start our brand new season. Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi return after nearly a decade with a news about the 3rd Edition of Podcasting for Dummies, reflect a bit on the author process, give you a glimpse of what’s to come in this season’s show, and what they’ve learned, and look forward to P.I.Y. 2017.

Don’t forget to sign up for PIY 2017 in Phoenix – October 28, 2017. Early bird pricing ends October 10!

Final Edits

Tee Morris and I are rapidly going through the final edits on Podcasting for Dummies 3rd Edition and I have to tell you – this book rocks! I’ll admit that I have not looked at a Dummies book in a while and they certainly cleaned up and modernized the layout. New cover design as well as new internal layout. We’re sure you’re going to love it as much as we do.

We’ve added an entire chapter on mobile podcasting, more up to date information on video, social media, hardware, and hosting. Much of the “tried and true” information is still there to get best practices from us old-timers – including a few new tricks we’ve learned since the 2nd Edition came out in 2008.

Stay tuned!