PFD Companion Podcast: S3E22 – Dr. Pamela Gay

This bonus episode comes from content that was meant for a special chapter in the book we called “10 Original Podcasters”. These are people who started podcasting around 2004 and 2005 and are still going today either with their original show or another they still host. Some have grown to celebrity status with audiences in the six and seven digit area, while others still do it for the love of podcasting. Either way, these are just regular people and they started out just like everyone else with their first episode. Along the way they learned a few things that we thought we would share – and since it didn’t make it in the book, what better way than to hear their own words in their voice.
We’re thrilled to talk to Dr. Pamela Gay about her work over the years and the success she’s had with Astronomy Cast.


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