PFD Companion Podcast: S4E15 – Move it on up (to your web server)

The dynamic duo is back to take you through the penultimate step in creating your masterpiece podcast episode and changing the world. We break down the finer points of artwork, file naming conventions best practices, and touch on how to get your files to your server.

Listening on your mobile device? Find the artwork at our site.

  • 00:00 Welcome/Introduction
  • 03:40 Review of Steam Rollers
  • 04:48 Review of Phil Rossi
  • 07:04 Review of The Innovative Mindset
  • 09:06 Review of Spycast
  • 10:42 Review of The Topic is Trek
  • 11:49 Trademarks, copyright, and fair use
  • 14:06 Review of Happy Hour from the Tour
  • 17:39 How to change your artwork
  • 21:11 Artwork formats
    • File formats: JPG or PNG
    • Color mode: RGB
    • Resolution: 72dpi
    • Size: 1400×1400 to 3000×3000 pixels
  • 22:51 File naming conventions
  • 29:30 Sending your file to your server
  • 33:28 A sneak peak on show notes
  • 35:10 Outro

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