PFD Companion Podcast: S4E09 – Podcasting on the go

Tee and Chuck discuss what it takes to record “on the road”. When you’re not in the studio, what are the challenges to getting clean audio and how can you address them?


  • Introduction
  • Environment
  • Sidebar: Edward James Olmos
  • How much ambience do you want?
  • Tee’s story about the break room
  • Mitigating background noise with the mic
  • Monitor your recording session with headphones
  • Using a pre-amp and the set up cost
  • What is your objective and how to haul your equipment
  • Digital recorders
  • Have a backup plan
  • Hearing yourself on delay
  • Tee’s story about “the break room”
  • Addressing “the break room” scenario
  • Tee’s story about the International Spy Museum
  • Backup plan specifics
  • RF interference
  • Addressing transitions
  • Adjusting your workflow
  • Don’t let your lack of studio inhibit your creativity
  • Tee’s predictions
  • Closing

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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E08 – Building Your Podcast Workstation

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