PFD Companion Podcast: S4E7 – Gadgets with extra help from Gamer Cat

In this episode we cover a wide variety of hardware topics in this episode to get you started (and perhaps thoughts of upgrades.) We go from economical to high-end. We also cover some lessons learned along the way so you can avoid the same pitfalls we learned the hard way.


  • Headsets for streaming and podcasting
  • The Shure SM58
  • A simple mixer – Behringher Xenyx 802
  • Mixing with Discord
  • The Shure SM7B
  • The MXL 990
  • Addressing a microphone
  • Dynamic and condensor microphones
  • The Blue Yeti
  • Latency
  • The Shure MV51
  • Røde Procaster and Podcaster
  • Røde Reporter
  • RødeCaster Pro
  • Røde PodMic
  • Heil PR40
  • Tips to find the best mic for you
  • Bundles
  • Shotgun microphones
  • Lavalier microphones
  • Desk noise
  • Start economically
  • Headphones and leakage
  • Get used to the sound of your own voice

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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E06 – Let’s get started

Tee and Chuck have an open conversation about starting a podcast.


  • What is a podcast?
  • Let’s talk content creation
  • Evolution from podcaster to…
  • Why start a podcast?
  • I want to start podcasting
  • It’s a ton of work
  • Differentiating your podcast
  • Is podcasting for you?
  • The real work is…
  • Reviewing some podcast apps
  • So many ways of consuming podcasts

PFD Companion Podcast: S4E05 – Twitch Turmoil

Handcuffs coming off

Tee and Chuck discuss what’s up with Twitch and music, what you can do to protect yourself, and more.

  • Book reviews
  • Podcasting and streaming
  • Getting used to your own voice
  • The RIAA and DMCA takedowns
  • Lindsay Ellis
  • Three biggest myths about playing music in your podcast or stream
  • What Twitch SHOULD have done and should NOT have done
  • What podcasters have done for 15 years
  • Coverville Podcast
  • Affordable options
  • Evil Genius Chronicles
  • Megapodtastic

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PFD Companion Podcast: S4E04 – Why four editions?

Why Four Editions?

Join Tee and Chuck for another open conversation now that the book is out. They discuss

  • Why this book is on its fourth edition
  • Their reaction is to that
  • Early stories of live podcasting and streaming
  • Stories about others in the pod-o-sphere


PFD Companion Podcast: S4E03 – What’s new in the 4th edition

It’s book release date! Another fun discussion with your authors and hosts, Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi as they discuss updates to Podcasting For Dummies 4th edition:
What we removed
What we updated/corrected
What we added
What is still solid
And fun stories of crazy experiences from your friendly hosts

PFD Companion Podcast: S4E02 – So you want to start a podcast

Join Tee and Chuck as they discuss a few things to think about as you think about getting in to podcasting.

  • Why you want to start podcasting
  • The joins of recognition
  • Stories from some veteran podcasters
  • How to find your niche
  • Mapping out the topics of the first few episodes
  • Where does the content come from
  • Don’t be intimidated
  • Bonus questions from the live audience!